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Elevating The Restaurant IT Experience

June 11th

1.30 pm ET | 12.30 pm CT | 10.30 am PT

Meet the Moderator

Emily Dreibelbis is a reporter for PCMag specializing in emerging technology. Currently, she reports on technologies spanning from electric vehicles to artificial intelligence. She brings a unique point of view that balances support for innovation with the skepticism required to build tech for the wellbeing.

Join us in conversation on June 11th as Emily puts a Spotlight on restaurant technologies that have brought strategic growth and what lies ahead for the technology leaders.  

Emily Dreibelbis Reporter

Emily Dreibelbis

Meet Our Panelists

Leaders, Visionaries, and Game-Changers who have shaped this Collaboration


Keeping up with new technology is critical to operating a successful restaurant franchise that meets customers’ growing expectations. However, many restaurant brands struggle to provide consistent, cost-effective management for in-store IT environments. This stems from the complexity of providing support for multiple stakeholders, as their technological infrastructure can vary widely in sophistication for each location. It is further exacerbated by the need to provide support to a diverse user base with varying levels of tech proficiency, further complicating IT support management.

On June 11th three CIOs from the North American restaurant industry will take the stage to discuss, debate, and explore strategies that keep technology leaders up at night in their quest to maximize restaurant service and support.


We will discuss key topics such as:

  • Key challenges and complexities preventing multi-location restaurants from providing effective IT store support  

  • Metrics to track to stay ahead of store-level issues and threads which can cause downtime… and lost sales

  • Best practices for structuring unified, centralized L1 IT support to provide better and simplified customer experience

  • Nearshore and automation for combating IT labor shortages and cost pressures

  • Considerations for selecting the right IT support partner: does industry experience matter?  

  • Staying ahead in a fast-changing technology landscape  

Join us! for this virtual discussion. You will walk away with a
wealth of innovative ideas, served up by the knowledge and experience of a community.​


Key Facts:

Restaurants now spend an average of 7% to 10% of gross revenue on IT

41% of restaurants plan to invest in AI sales forecasting and scheduling in 2024

98% of operators say higher labor costs are an issue for their restaurant, and 45% need
more employees to meet customer demand

57% of restaurant operators plan to open at least one new location in 2024


1.30 pm ET to 1.40 pm ET

Welcome remarks by moderator Emily Dreibelbis on the current state of the role of the CIO in Restaurants

1.40 pm ET to 2.00 pm ET

Panel discussion on the top emerging in-store restaurant technologies, how to stay
ahead of the curve and manage IT effectively

2.00 pm ET to 2.15 pm ET

Q&A among the audience as we discuss and debate the key challenges and
opportunities facing Restaurant tech today

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